Detoxification is an ongoing biochemical process that takes place in the liver, kidneys, intestines, lymph and blood, as well as in every cell of the body. The primary route of the elimination of waste is through the liver, where we transform the waste into bile, which contains the vast majority of the body’s metabolic waste, deceased blood cells, and toxins that the liver has filtered out from the system.

Once formed, bile moves from the liver to the gallbladder and is then secreted into the intestines where it is used to break down fats and lubricate bowel movements before it is eliminated. Bile is the primary agent for giving our bowel movements its classic dark color and imbalances can often be detected by the presence of green or straw colored feces.

In general, as feces moves through the colon, up to 99% of bile is recycled in the colon and back into the bloodstream, along with the toxins it contains. Colon hydrotherapy washes away this bile before it has a chance to be reabsorbed in the colon – along with the metabolic waste products it contains. This accelerated removal of bile is the key to the benefits of colon hydrotherapy in preventative and anti-aging medicine.