Whether or not you’re experiencing relationship and communication problems, meeting with a marriage or couples counselor for the purpose of improving your relationship can be an exciting journey. In our personal experience, too often, people put off therapy until one or both have already given up, and then they seek a therapist to “take the curse off.” Getting a marriage or relationship tune-up might be the best thing you ever do.

When undergoing marriage, couples, or family counseling the real client is the relationship or relationships. Therapy involves a dialogue with you, your significant other, family members, and your therapist as you navigate to discover what you want in a relationship and how that can come about.

A Marriage Counselor is trained to detect both the issues and desires you bring to the relationship. You and your partner will then look at the patterns that exist in the relationship, use them as part of the session, and guide each person to discover the changes they can make to enhance the relationship.