Why do I need to see a therapist?
Unlike a friend or family member, a therapist is a professional trained to view your life and struggles with an objective eye. A therapist is able to quickly uncover root issues, help you see yourself and your life more clearly, positively support you, and provide the protection of confidentiality. Working with a therapist often causes changes to occur more quickly and dramatically, moving you toward optimal mental health and happiness.

Will a therapist change my medications?
A therapist is not trained to manage medications and will defer to your current prescribing physician for medication management. ALETRIS has naturopathic doctors on staff who are highly skilled in managing medications. The ultimate goal for many of our patients is to completely remove the need for anti-depressants and other psychological drugs. There are many therapies, including hormone therapy and neurotransmitter supplemenation, that are far more effective than pharmaceutical drugs at alleviating depression, anxiety, and other psychological conditions.

Is therapy covered by my insurance?
It may be. You, the patient, will need to contact your insurance company and see if therapy is included in your benefits. If so, you may be fully or partially reimbursed for your visits.

What is a LMFT?
At ALETRIS, our therapists are unique. They understand that many factors lead illness and choose to work along side other practitioners such as acupuncturists, massage therapists, and naturopathic physicians to address mental health holistically.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists are trained to handle much more than marriage and family issues. LMFTs are experts in addiction recovery, eating disorders, relationship issues, parenting issues, anxiety, depression, sexual addictions, grief/loss, anger management, codependency, marriage counseling, work stress, and much more. A good LMFT becomes your advocate during a difficult time in your life, helps you understand your goals and desires clearly, and then aids you in achieving them.

Unlike psychologists, LMFTs education and training is more eclectic. They draw from many differing techniques to create positive change in your life including behavioral, cognitive, emotional, communication, and spiritual techniques.