Most naturopathic therapies focus on changing the physical body making it a more healthy and viable vessel for the prevention of disease. Homeopathy works at a much deeper level to stimulate the body’s own innate ability to heal itself. The underlying cause of a person’s disease ultimately lies in his or her unique susceptibility to both acute and chronic stressors. Homeopathic treatment commonly leads to cured cases of otherwise incurable diseases.

Advantages of Homeopathy

No drug interactions
Safe during pregnancy
Individualized treatment
Treats the cause of disease
Effective with all age groups
Remedies are extremely affordable
Non-toxic to individual and environment
Complementary to allopathic medical care
Effective at preventing and treating infectious disease
Treats both serious disease and common illness
Emphasizes healthy diet, exercise, and good hygiene

Homeopathic medicines are quite safe. They are known to be non-allergenic, non-toxic, and free of side effects. They are prepared from herbal, mineral, and animal substances by homeopathic pharmacies, under strict guidelines established by the FDA. Remedies are often available over the counter, but to insure the proper remedy selection and potency, a trained practitioner should always be consulted.