From a naturopathic standpoint, acne is viewed as an external symptom of an internal imbalance. These imbalances can include: hormone disruption, GI distress, past use of oral contraception, and liver compromise among others.

Our goal is twofold at ALETRIS: To correct the systemic imbalance causing the acne and and to treat symptomatically. We understand the psychological impact of acne and recommend therapeutic facials and non-inflammatory chemical peels to immediately reduce the appearance of acne while addressing the underlying cause.

Ultimately, our goal is to correct the biochemical imbalances in the body that produce acne, a process which can often take several months. We also believe in immediately working to decrease the occurrence of lesions, which can often lead to scarring.

We have many tools to treat the symptoms of acne, including colon hydrotherapy, topical bio-identical hormone creams, chirally correct and organic skincare, and medical-grade chemical peels. ALETRIS skincare therapists are trained to work in conjunction with naturopathic physicians to treat the whole person.