Irregular heart rhythm, or arrhythmia, is a common complaint, especially among postmenopausal women. Instead of simply treating the arrhythmia with medications intended to chemically regulate the heartbeat, naturopathic physicians conduct thorough investigation to find the underlying cause of the irregular heartbeat and correct it naturally without the use of drugs.

Electrolyte imbalances, thyroid hormone disturbances, sleep apnea, hypoglycemia, vagus nerve irritation, and food allergies are all common causes of irregular heartbeat. Regular bloodwork and specialty testing or imaging may be warranted to determine the cause of the arrhythmia. For many, a steady heartbeat is attainable without prescription medications.

ALETRIS naturopathic physicians thoroughly investigate the cause of arrhythmia and treat without prescription drugs whenever possible. Call our office to schedule an appointment with an ALETRIS physician.