Idiopathic Thrombocytic Purpura, ITP, is a rare autoimmune condition which presents as low levels of platelets on a CBC (complete blood count). Overactivity of the immune system (in which a patient’s immune system begins to attack its own platelets) is at the core of the disease, and symptoms may come on in childhood or adulthood.

Like all autoimmune disease, the naturopathic approach to treatment is to remove any cause which exacerbates the overactive immune system. Managing stress, diet modification, exercise, and prescribing botanicals to calm the immune system are at the heart of naturopathic treatment. Hormone balancing and removing any environmental toxins are also frequent treatment goals.

Taking corticosteroids or other immune suppressing medications does little to address the underlying cause, and often, the patient builds a tolerance to these medications and suffers long-term side effects to the medication.

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