Rosacea is a dermatologic disorder usually centralized to the face. Patients with rosacea have flushing and redness across the cheeks, nose, and forehead, and some may also have raised bumps or pustules in these areas. The redness of rosacea is often exacerbated by extreme temperature or alcohol. In some advanced cases the nose becomes enlarged and chronically red in a condition termed rhinophyma. Rosacea affects women more frequently than men and onset is usually in adulthood.

Rosacea, like most other dermatologic disorders, is effectively addressed by treating the gut. Most rosacea patients will have a history of indigestion, constipation, frequent antibiotic use, or travel outside the United States. An allergy to alcohol or other food is often the culprit, and once specific allergens are determined they are eliminated from the diet. Restoration of proper digestion is the cornerstone of naturopathic treatment for rosacea.

ALETRIS naturopathic physicians investigate the specific cause of each individual’s rosacea and customize appropriate treatment for each patient. Treatment may include any combination of diet modification, natural facials, colon hydrotherapy, botanical medicine and supplementation. Call our office to schedule an appointment with an ALETRIS physician.